Assessment Center technology training

The program purpose:

  • to form listener’s complex representation about the content and sequence of Human Resources department heads and managers actions in the field of personnel complex assessment in organization;
  • to equip listeners with Assessment Center designing and carrying out technology as procedure of revealing of personnel managerial potential.


  • to open conceptual, theoretical and methodological bases of personnel assessment in the organization;
  • to impart knowledge, technologies and practical tools of Assessment Center carrying out;
  • to develop the skills necessary for designing, organization and carrying out of Assessment Center technology;
  • to develop during training the Assessment Center model for concrete objectives in the organization for its further carrying out by effort of enterprise specialist;
  • to fix knowledge and skills received in the course of carrying out of experimental Assessment Center;
  • to form potential for designing and carrying out of Assessment Center technology depending on problems and activity specificity of the enterprise (divisions) personnel.


Theoretical and a practical working, exercises, business and organizational–managerial games with training elements are included to learning process. Experimental Assessment Center realized during program for development of necessary skills. Analysis of practical situations is carried out, various aspects of activity on organization and carrying out of assessment procedures are simulated, management tests and business games with processes of active group discussion of the received results are applied.

Training program allows to acquire knowledge in the field of personnel assessment, design principles of Assessment Center, approaches to the analysis of administrative potential of the organization and technologies of predicting of performance efficiency of candidates for executive position as well as to get practical skills allowing to organize independently and to carry out Assessment center technology for solving of concrete personnel problems.

Proposed result:

1. Participant’s formed system representation about complex personnel assessment procedures in the organization.

2. Participant’s fixed skill of designing and carrying out of Assessment Center technology which is used widely in various special-purpose programs:

  • The analysis of Managerial potential of organization (assessment of existing different levels managers);
  • Formation of reserve group of managers;
  • Carrying out of competition on filling of vacant executive position;
  • Career planning and employee promotion (an estimation of employee’s readiness degree to performance of new functions);
  • An estimation of employee’s possibility to adapt to new work conditions in the setting of corporate restructuring;
  • Revealing of the workers who do not have prospects of growth (with low managerial potential);
  • a substantiation of changes in personnel structure of the organization;
  • formation of personnel training and development programs.
  • Revealing of workers capable to application and development of own managerial potential;




Program content:

The main content


Introduction to the program: the purposes, stages, principles and regulations of forthcoming work. Revealing of listener’s expectations


Assessment procedures in system of personnel management in organization. Possible directions of personnel assessment in the organization. Place of Assessment Center in system of complex evaluation procedures. Method history: the general description


The factors influencing formation of assessment criteria and carrying out of assessment procedures. Organizational culture, its classifications. A questionnaire for studying of prevailing type of organizational culture. Personnel characteristics in various types of organizational culture. Impact of organizational culture on formation assessment criteria and designing of assessment procedures in Assessment Center technology. A practical part: development of toolkit for revealing of prevailing type of organizational culture.


The principles underlying Assessment Center. The main characteristics of a method. Requirements to assessment procedure. Estimation directions. Formats of Assessment Center. Advantages of use Assessment Center for the organization and participants.

During exercise of the further educational block are:

1. carrying out of experimental Assessment Center with listeners;

2. interview with participants by results of Assessment Center

3. understanding of results of experimental Assessment Center.


Stages of preparation and carrying out of Assessment Center. Stages of Assessment Center preparation. The activity analysis. The basic procedures of activity analysis. Questionnaires on the activity analysis. Working out of parameters of personnel assessment. Competencies and assessment criteria applied in estimation procedures. Typology of criteria. Competencies and criteria of heads and candidates for reserve group of manager’s assessment. Indicators of criteria. A practical part: formation participant’s skill of development of competencies, assessment criteria and criteria indicators.


The main methods applied in Assessment Center Methodical support of Assessment Center technology. Special exercises. Group exercises. Individual tasks. Psychological testing. Interview. An expert assessment in simulated team activity.

  • Group procedures. Procedure «Group discussion». Procedure «Brainstorming». Procedure «Role game». Designing of group procedures. Assessment criteria. An expert estimation of results of group procedures. A practical part: formation of listener's skill of carrying out and an estimation of group exercises.



  • Special tasks. The task "Mail box". The task «Performance preparation. The report». The task "Designing". Working out of special tasks. Assessment criteria. Algorithm of an expert estimation of special tasks. A practical part: formation of listener's skill of carrying out and an estimation of special tasks.


  • Individual tasks. Typology of individual tasks. Designing of individual tasks. Assessment criteria. An expert estimation of results of individual tasks.


  • Interview as procedure of estimation and predicating of activity efficiency of Assessment Center participants. Structure of selection of the information. The express-methods of estimation in interview. People stereotypes of thinking and their behavioral manifestations. Prediction of performance of the candidate. A practical part: formation of listener's skill of carrying out of interview and definition of subject leading stereotypes.


Designing of Assessment Center. Rules of designing and preparation of assessment procedures. Principles of creation of the concrete techniques used in Assessment Center. Formation of the organizational plan-schedule of carrying out of estimation. Preparation of documentary and material support of Assessment Center. Requirements to audiences. Mix schedules. Itinerary lists. Preparation of candidates for participation in assessment actions.


Carrying out of actions for a personnel assessment. Introduction to Assessment Center procedure. Carrying out of assessment actions. Stages of group work.


 Expert estimation and features of its carrying out. Principles of behavioral diagnostics. An expert estimation in the course of carrying out of assessment procedures. Socially-psychological aspects of an expert estimation. Features of observation: principal causes of distortion of the diagnostic information. A role and structure of observer’s actions in the course of estimation. System of results recording in the course of estimation. Rules of records keeping. Procedure of observer’s preparation. System of data processing and formation of final results of an expert estimation. A practical part: formation of listener's skill of observation and recording of assessment results.


Process of group management. Carrying out of actions for personnel estimation. Introduction to procedure. Rules and the general recommendations about carrying out of exercises. Carrying out of test procedures. Carrying out of the group procedures and special and individual tasks. Process of group management. Management of group discussion: the leader as facilitator, a moderator and mediator. A practical part: formation of listener's management skill of group processes during realization of assessment procedures.


Completion of assessment procedures and summarizing with group of estimated workers. Efficiency criteria of carrying out of assessment procedures.


Staff assistance of Assessment Center procedures. Participant's roles and objectives of assessment procedures. Specialist's principal duties and the content of activity in the course of carrying out of assessment procedures.


The analysis of assessment results. Stages and procedures of result processing. The main stages of creation of individual final conclusion. Approaches to the description of Assessment Center results. Making of management decisions by assessment results. Formation of group for development, groups for decision-making and risk group. A practical part: formation of participant’s skills of assessment results description.  


Final interview with examinees. Procedure of "feedback" with examinees. "Feedback" principles. Rules of interview and participant’s acquaintance with the received results. A practical part: formation of participant’s skill of interview carrying out with examinees by assessment results.


Practical designing of Assessment Center program for various objectives. Participant’s work in groups according to the task. A practical part: designing and presentation of Assessment Center projects for various objectives.


Completion of training program. Work summarizing. Discussion of the received results.


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