Training program of

Assessment Center observers:

expert assessment and peculiarities of its realization


The purpose of the seminar-workshop:

  • to transfer general representations about the core, the content and sequence of experts-observers actions to listeners during Assessment Center technology;
  • to form participant's observation skill and expert estimation with the further making of final decisions.

Training program allows to acquire the general knowledge in the field of carrying out of Assessment Center technology as well as to receive practical skills, allowing to realize independently observation and expert estimation by selected criteria.

Duration of a seminar: 8 academic hours.




General representations about Assessment Center technology. Estimation procedures in system of personnel management. Place of Assessment Center in system of complex assessment procedures. The main characteristics of a method. Formats of Assessment Center. Preparation and stages of Assessment Center realization. Methodical and organizational support of Assessment Center. The Plan-schedule of estimation realization. Mix schedules. Itinerary lists. Assessment competencies and criteria. Formation of criteria indicators.


Carrying out of the basic actions on personnel estimation. Introduction to Assessment Center procedure. The basic methods applied in Assessment Center. Staff assistance of Assessment Center procedures Roles and objectives of assessment procedures participants. The main content of expert’s activity in carrying out of assessment procedures. Completion of estimated procedures and summarizing with group.


Observation, expert estimation and the basic features of their realization. Principles of behavioral diagnostics. An expert estimation in the course of carrying out of assessment procedures. Features of observation process: principal causes of distortion of the diagnostic information. A role and structure of observer’s actions in the course of estimation. Rules of behavior for observers. Evaluation forms and recording sheets of behavior. System of recording of employee's behavioral manifestations. Rules of recording. Data processing system. Stages and procedures of observation results processing. A relative and absolute scale of estimation. Decision-making by assessment results. Formation of final results of an expert estimation. The basic stages of designing of the final conclusion. Approaches to the description of Assessment Center results. Formation of group for development, groups for decision-making and risk group. Procedure of "feedback" with examinees. "Feedback" principles. Rules of interview and acquaintance of participants with the received results.



PRACTICAL WORK: acquisition and fastening by listeners of observation skills, of estimation and making of final decisions by results of Assessment Center. Viewing of video record of group discussion. Fastening of recording skill of examinees behavioral displays. Processing of observation results. Getting of decision-making skill by results of observation.



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